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Be green: Your shares arrive in a special, water-resistant waxed box that helps protect the freshness of your produce. They are expensive, but when treated right they are very sturdy and will last a long time. We want to reuse them as much as possible. We don't want to add to the landfill or kill more trees.

Here's directions on how to easily flatten your wax box without tearing it so it can be used over and over again:               

Look at the pictures- click on any picture to get a closeup view. Or, watch the video.

Opening the lid:     Don't just grab and pull up- you'll tear the flaps. There is a locking flap (on the long side) which tucks into notches. Imagine this flap as being hinged in the middle.

Grab the 'hinged' flap with your hands and squeeze to fold in (think of a folding/louver door). Slide the flap out of the notches. IF IT STARTS TO TEAR, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.


Turn the empty box over. On the bottom, you will find two 'hinged' flaps (on the short sides). Grab one with each hand, and gently squeeze to slide the lid flaps out of the notches. Don't just grab and pull up- you'll tear the flaps.

When all the flaps are up, the box will flatten easily.

Don't forget to bring back your empty boxes for reuse!

Last season, we got back around 70% of the boxes, and about 15% were ripped.

This year's goal: 90% returns, and 5% torn (that's one torn box MAX per person!). Can we do even better???

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